Check in Day
Thursday, April 11, 2024


CABA Classic Venue - Stalls

Set Up and Clean up – Local Area

Yamhill County Fair Grounds –

The CABA Classic and Alpaca Western Extravaganza will be held at the Yamhill County Fair Grounds in McMinnville, OR.  This is a dirt arena facility.  We will be utilizing one large enclosed barn with a dirt floor for all stalls and a covered open sided dirt arena for the show rings. 

Check-in – SECOND VET ADDED!!!
We will have Dr. Pat Long as our vet again and Dr. Richard Veeman from Veterinary Services of Oregon serving as our second vet to speed up your check in.  We will have two lines for vet check, one for Platinum and Gold, Walking Fleece and Exhibitor Lounge sponsors and volunteers and the other for all others. Please follow the signs. 
Check in times are:

9am Volunteers

10am – 4pm all others.

CVI - Your CVI must be dated within 30 days of the last day of the show.  Your Vet must also annotate BVDV tested negative or not detected along with the test date on the CVI, this includes companion animals.  Microchip number must also be listed on the CVI.  Please show up with an original and one copy of your CVI to present give to the vet check station for show records.  If you have a digital CVI from your vet, you must Print Two Copies of your digital CVI for check in.  Digital CVI's are not accepted at check in.  We have no way to print your CVI.

Stalling Assignments- During Check in, you will be given your stall assignments either in the main arena barn or the supplemental horse barn stalls.

Unloading - We have rented two electric carts to be operated by our Barn Manager, Jay Southard, to help move your stall items and equipment into the barn.  We are only allowing Platinum, Gold and Walking Fleece sponsors to unload and load next to the barn.  To keep traffic moving and to not damage the trees in the barn road area we are asking all others to unload in the main parking area on the other side of the horse stables.  

Please refer to Check In Day Map above.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be checked in by 4pm so that we can complete color checks and complete the show book before the printers close at 8pm. 

Stalling – For the most part, the dirt floors will be dampened and compacted for the show.  There will be some areas that will not be compacted on the outer rim of the arena.  The venue management has asked that there is no hay or straw placed directly on the dirt floor.  Hay and straw is hard to remove from the dirt with is used primarily for horses.  We recommend stall or wood pellets or pine shavings under mats.  The pellets do not need to be removed at the end of the show.  Stall mats or landscape fabric is required between the dirt floor and straw/hay. Landscape fabric is recommended if you use straw or hay.  Landscape fabric will make it easy to roll up and keep hay/straw off the dirt floor to dispose of after the event.

Please bring your bedding/mats with you. If you need to purchase local, Wilco is half mile away on Hwy99 as you approach the venue.  McMinnville Farm Store, 2741 N Hwy 99W, McMinnville, OR 97128

**** Quality Llama will be at the show. You may consider contacting them to order your show supplies ahead of time.

Available at Wilco in McMinnville

Clean-Up – All exhibitors are asked to clean their stalls prior to leaving.  Non-sponsors will be charged a $100 stall cleaning fee if not cleaned.