From the Show Superintendent:

Your Mission, should you decide to accept it, is to EMAIL me the farms which are:

*Coming together on one trailer

*Your alpacas you are accepting delivery on from another farm

*OTHER alpacas which you are bringing for ANOTHER farm

Transporters: Send me a list and I will check and double check for you so you are not put in an awkward position!

AND MAKE SURE ALL COMPANIONS ARE PRE-REGISTERED. No alpacas will be permitted in the building which are on NOT on your Check In Sheet.


AVOID THE WALK OF SHAME when you have to park your trailer and come see the super because you have unregistered alpacas.... Don't be that farm!

Call me. Email me. I can add it for you. A week Prior PLEASE.

Anything "out of the ordinary" I should know about which I can relay to the check in folks standing in the cold, rain and wind for many, many hours checking in the show.

Every extra bit of info to solve a mystery, clip together check-in sheets of farms coming together etc would be helpful.

If an alpaca is on YOUR trailer, I expect you to have 2-3 copies of the CVI. One for you, one for me. And if you are sending that alpaca on its way, you should have 3 copies. One for that person transporting it back to their home.

I should be able to look at anyone's check in sheet and know where each alpaca is coming from, going to, and where it is located in the building while stalled.

Below are the CABA Health Requirements. If you are transporting, make sure that your clients have followed these instructions:

ALL CVI's must be complete and printed with 3 copies before arrival.  There is no printer at the facility. Staples is down the street.